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*googles “how to apply for a boyfriend”*

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"I think every woman at one point or another in their life has been called a bitch. For a long time I had a real problem with that word, I didn’t like it and I thought it was derogatory. But I’ve gotten to a place now where I’ve made a lot of peace with it. It’s been so overused and made to seem so derogatory towards woman that I’ve adapted it into an empowering feeling for myself. If I’m a bitch then I’m a bitch, if that’s what an assertive woman is to you. So I’ve sort of adapted it as a badge of honor."

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if you ship two professors is it a scholarship?

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"She likes to sleep. It makes her forget about it."

- (e.v.d.a.)

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call me super glue cause holy shit do i get attached

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